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Drunk, he creates an accident worthy of the film Back to the Future

A drunk driver slams into a fire hydrant and recreates the famous scene of the DeLorean speeding at 88.8 mph in Back To The Future.

In the United States, in the central state of Nebraska, a driver is being pursued by authorities for an unusual accident. If the images of the surveillance video are not very clear, we can still see a car that reproduces the legendary scene from Back to the Future. To believe that we see the real DeLorean cruising 88.8 mph. To create flames worthy of the famous film, the drunk driver entered … a fire hydrant.

An explosion worthy of a movie

To clarify the situation, police explained that the blast was due to the fire hydrant. Passing under the car, this one pierced the gas tank. Dragged on the ground, it then generated sparks which caused an explosion. Spilling flaming fuel, we can then see impressive lines of fire.

Collateral damage

Drunk, the reckless driver still walked several blocks with his fire hydrant before parking his car. The damage is obviously, but not only on the car concerned. Indeed, the fire then spread to another car …belonging to the parents of the dishonest individual

. A neighbor’s yard also partly burned down, thereby damaging the automatic sprinkler system.

A driver already known to the police

Luckily, no one was hurt by this impressive event. Deputy Chief Sheriff Way Hudson said the driver had already been tested twice above the legal blood alcohol limit. He is also charged with reckless driving and having left the scene of an accident with property damage.

Since the accident, the fire hydrant has been replaced. The driver should only dream of reproducing the scene, but this time with the real DeLorean of the film in order to go back in time.

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