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A drift in a Mercedes C63 AMG ends in a broken axle!

During a rally, a previous generation Mercedes C63 AMG engages in a drift session that ends up being expensive!

In California, a Mercedes C63 AMG owner destroys his car’s rear axle during an impromptu drifting session.

The video shows us a copy of Old generation Mercedes C63 AMG engage in generous donuts for long minutes. This takes place during a rally where you can see both onlookers and sports car owners. These are of various origins, whether American, European or Japanese.

A first warning

As the drifts multiply in the midst of the delighted spectators of the show, the Mercedes bursts its left rear tire and damages its bumper. But no worries for the driver who had everything planned. Once the shield is reattached and a new set of tires already on rims fitted to the car, the meeting resumes. Still, the driver should have been wary of what sounded after the fact, like a warning.

The Pothole Too Many

After new donuts the car indeed arrives on a pothole with a bad angle

. The wheel, again rear left, then catches in and blow up the whole crate. We immediately notice that the angle made by the latter with the body is unusual. The author of the video even before the rear axle is broken, which does not seem impossible.

A magical V8

As a reminder, the German sedan dates from the end of the 2000s / early 2010s. It benefits from the fantastic Naturally aspirated V8 with a displacement of 6.2 liters (unlike what its name of 63 AMG might suggest). With its 457 hp and 600 Nm torque, the Mercedes C63 AMG is the perfect weapon for all kinds of slips.

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