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Wild wheels come crashing into a Nissan Navara

While a truck loses two of its wheels, a man escapes the worst. unfortunately his Nissan Navara received serious damage.

A security camera was able to capture unusual images. A truck driving on the road saw two of its wheels come off. They then go crash into a poor Nissan Navara parked next door.

No information was given other than what can be seen on the video. We don’t see either where exactly come from the wheels that came off.

Violent shocks!

Still, when the heavyweight appears on the screen, we notice that a wheel follows it to the side and hits the pick-up head-on on its right front. It then causes significant damage : the headlight explodes, the bumper is broken and the bonnet and fender completely folded. Airbag triggering testifies to the violence of the shock.

We can see on the side of the image a second wheel flying in the air after hitting the ditch on the side of the road. It ends up falling back on Nissan in damaging the roof and windshield

. All this without the driver of the semi-trailer noticing anything, the truck continuing on its way as if nothing had happened.

The owner unharmed

Fortunately, no one was injured by these projectiles launched at high speed. Especially since the owner of the Nissan, who had joined his car shortly before the tragedy, wanted to get out after the first impact, contact between one of the wheels and the exiting man could have had a fatal outcome.

i heard hungry tires hunt like velociraptors, one distracts you while the other comes in for a headshot from IdiotsInCars

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