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a loft and its garage for sale for 55 million!

Are you thinking of moving and the budget is not a concern for you? How about opting for this loft in the heights of Los Angeles. An exceptional property from an automobile enthusiast for the modest sum of $ 55 million!

When it comes to retiring in the sun, it’s true that not everyone is in the same boat. For the more fortunate, it is possible to acquire exceptional properties, far from any standard. Evidenced by this oversized loft in Los Angeles, where the former owner – an auto enthusiast – also sells you his garage for the modest sum of $ 55 million!

Paradise on Earth ?

Granted, we’re going to be a little materialistic here. However, when you see the technical sheet of the property put up for sale by the American real estate agency Williams & Williams, there is something!

On higher ground of the Angels, is a loft combining noble materials, modern architecture signed Olson Kundig and excess. This property offers a living area of ​​1,453 m2 on a plot of 2,711 m2. On the program, 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, several outdoor swimming pools, an automated veranda and pergola, glass wine cabinets, several kitchens etc … In short, you will have understood, the list of rooms and equipment in this loft is long like the arm!

A car enthusiast

But what should certainly hold your attention, if however the specificities mentioned above were not enough, is the fact that the former owner is a true car enthusiast.

As a result, like a toy store for older children, there is an entire room dedicated to the auto universe. A kind of games room where passion is very present. To the picture of this sublime circuit 24, which takes up in great detail the portions of the 24 hour circuit of Le Mans. In particular at the time of the Sixties. In parallel, it is possible to have fun on this driving simulator whose installation would make the most geek of you green with envy.

But the best is yet to come! Beyond the playful aspect, this loft also offers a richly furnished garage ! This time, exit the miniature or virtual cars, they are real supercars and classic cars. Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Chevrolet Camaro SS… All styles and all eras are brought together in one and the same garage!

An unreachable dream

Obviously, such services, coupled with the geographical location of the property and the dream garage, have a cost. This loft is priced at $ 54,950,000, or just over 50 million euros. Without owning a multinational and being a billionaire, it is difficult to position yourself on such a good. The garage alone weighs several million.

Fortunately, window shopping or the right to dream are free. What to escape the time of a few moments in “another world”.

If you ever feel like it, here is the address … Just in case: 1301 Collingwood Pl, Bird Streets, Los Angeles, CA 90069. While waiting for the next flight to Los Angeles, here is a tour of the owner in pictures:

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