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He smashes the screen of his Model 3 with … a hammer!

Showing only videos of destruction of objects, the TechRax YouTube channel looked at the case of the central screen of the Tesla Model 3. An experience… shattering!

We do not teach you anything, some YouTube channels have no other purpose than to fun their subscribers.

This is the case of TechRax which only presents videos in which electronic devices are systematically destroyed, just to see what it does!

This time, it’s not on a smartphone or tablet that the chain has set its sights on, but on the screen of a Tesla Model 3. Located prominently in the center of the car’s dashboard, this one this has the particularity of ordering almost all functions thereof. The challenge is therefore to see if the car can continue to operate when it is out of order.

Second attempt

While driving, the driver successively hits several hammer blows

on the screen that cause it to change color first, then crack it. Despite these shocks, everything still works like a laptop whose screen is broken following a fall. Then, by tapping on it, the screen turns off permanently and it is even torn off of its support. The driver then stops the car and restarts it safely, proving that the Tesla can work without.

This “experiment” nevertheless cost 1,500 dollars (1,200 €) in repairs. Better not to test it in your car!

Check out the video of this “experiment” right here:

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