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which van is the safest according to Euro NCAP?

How safe are campervans and motorhomes? Euro NCAP has tested vans!

When choosing your motorhome, van or converted van, many criteria count. The equipment, size, consumption, price … And one that we forget a little too often: the security.

Fortunately, the Euro NCAP body, which usually checks the safety of cars, looked into the safety of cars earlier this year. utilities. Among these, many serve as bases for camper vans or converted vans. These tests are therefore a good basis for determining whether your vehicle is taking care of you or not.

From a methodological point of view, Euro NCAP starts from a simple observation: in the event of a collision with another vehicle, the trucks very often leave the winners. Due to the greater mass and size, occupants are inherently better protected.

As a result, the organization chose to focus on active safety equipment : those that help you avoid collisions. Keeping in the lane, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, everything has been scrutinized. With, as result, not stars as for the cars, but medals. Let’s go for the classification of these utilities which often become converted vans or camper vans.

Fiat Ducato: can do better

Let’s start with the one that is the star of the segment: the Fiat Ducato. It is used by a large number of specialists, as a base for motorhomes or campervans. The Euro NCAP organization only awarded it one bronze medal, which means security is fine but the competition is doing better. While the automatic emergency braking system is excellent when it comes to detecting cars, the Ducato does not react to pedestrians or cyclists. An absence that costs him dearly.

Fiat Talento: avoid!

If its little brother the Ducato receives a passable rating, the Talento is directly tackled by Euro NCAP. In question, thealmost total absence of safety equipment modern. No automatic emergency braking, no lane keeping aid, no warning in the event of an imminent collision, not even a speed limiter. In short, you can only count on the reminder of the wearing of the seat belt… And again: only for the driver. Those who are more concerned about safety should therefore avoid this Fiat carrier.

Ford Transit: a benchmark

It is more and more popular in the niche of motorhomes and converted vans (with the Custom version), the Ford Transit is also a benchmark on the security side. The automatic emergency braking is excellent and also works with cyclists and pedestrians. The Transit is also equipped with a blind spot detector, a lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. The only downside: most of this equipment is only availableoptional

. Ford Transit still reaping a gold medal.

Citroën Jumper: not the best

Like the Fiat Ducato, the Citroën Jumper is one of those carriers that we very often come across at the base of a motorhome or campervan. And for good reason: the two are in fact very close technically. And, unsurprisingly, the verdict is the same as for its Italian cousin: bronze medal.

Mercedes Sprinter : correct

The Mercedes Sprinter, very popular with fans of converted vans in particular, receives here a silver medal. So good, but not the best. Euro NCAP appreciates the presence of many helpers (although they are often optional), although not all have the best level of responsiveness. For example, the cruise control is not precise enough for the criteria of the body.

Iveco Daily: to improve

The Iveco Daily is currently mainly used as a utility vehicle, even if upgraded versions are starting to flourish. Like the Citroën Jumper and the Fiat Ducato, it receives a bronze medal. Not perfect, then. Euro NCAP calls into question in particular theautomatic emergency braking efficiency, which reacts badly when the stopped car is not directly in front of the van, and which does not recognize pedestrians and cyclists either. Thelane keeping aid is on the other hand rather effective.

Renault Master: not recommended!

Bad news for Renault: the Master is to be avoided, according to Euro NCAP! In question, the very poor results of automatic emergency braking, which does not react in “the majority of cases”, especially when the obstacle is stopped. At low speed, or when the obstacle is moving, it is already more correct. The lane departure warning system is also not functioning well, and lane keeping assistance is not available. In short, a Red card for the Losange van …

Source : Euro NCAP

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