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drunk, she avoids drama at a gas station!

“Drink or drive, you have to choose”: obviously, this American driver did not know this adage and her irresponsible behavior could have caused a real tragedy.

23-year-old Isabel Zepeda is at the origin of a news item that could well have gone wrong. This American was driving blind drunk his Nissan Maxima sedan, behind which are his 4 and 5 year old children.

Traveling on Highway 99 in California, she for some reason left the road to arrive high speed in a gas station. Filmed by a surveillance camera, the scene was extremely violent. The Nissan hit a gas pump head on. The violence of the shock literally makes to take off the car when a fire broke out instantly.

More fear than harm

Fortunately, there was no one refueling at the time. Furthermore, the security system of the premises worked well since the fire was quickly brought under control ; he did not have time to spread to other pumps. The driver and her children are also miraculously unharmed.

We dare not imagine the consequences if the gas station had been more frequented at that time. The lady was indicted of drunk driving and will appear in court shortly. The bill to pay may in any case be salty!

Check out the video for Under the influence of alcohol, she narrowly avoids the drama in a gas station here:

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