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Porsche Taycan: 43,000 models recalled

Porsche is launching a recall campaign for its new Taycan electric sedan, to correct a power loss problem.

Following several complaints from customers of the Porsche Taycan, who noticed a loss of power when using their new electric sedan, the manufacturer from Stuttgart has published a software update allowing to modify the electronic management of the power of the car, as well as of the engine control. This update corrects a communication fault between the transmission modules, and makes it possible to prevent this phenomenon from power loss to reproduce in the future.

Porsche Taycan: the Cross Turismo version also recalled

This update has already been applied to the model’s production lines, as well as to copies kept in stock at the brand’s dealers. But for models already delivered to customers, Porsche must recall no less than 43,000 copies of its electric sedan in the world, put into circulation in 2020 and 2021. The Taycan Cross Turismo station wagon version is also concerned.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the US agency in charge of road safety, has already investigated the problem, after receiving nine complaints from US users of the model. According to NHTSA, a loss of charge in the vehicle’s 12-volt battery could force the Taycan’s entire electrical system to shut down. Both battery models, 71 and 83.7 kWh, are affected.

Customers whose car is affected by this issue will be notified by Porsche this month, and support in the brand’s dealer network will be completely free.

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