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this homeless man stops a car that has become uncontrollable!

An American left her car while reverse gear was still engaged. Mad, the Ford sedan owes its salvation only to a Good Samaritan present on the scene.

Filmed by a passerby, the scene is happening in a store parking lot in the town of Lubbock, Texas. A lady arrives behind the wheel of an early 2000s Ford Crown Victoria (yes, the same model used by American police officers) to do her shopping.

But for some unknown reason, this driver leaves her car forgetting to turn off the engine, reverse gear engaged. ! And since the sedan is equipped with an automatic transmission, it began to reverse immediately, forming circles because the front wheels were not straight. Gone mad, the Ford came dangerously close to a pole placed in the parking lot, while its owner tried, unsuccessfully, to open a door several times.

Unexpected help

While the poor lady, helped by a passer-by, wonders how to be able to stop her Crown Victoria, a third protagonist appears out of nowhere.

In fact, it isa homeless who, seeing the scene, rushed to stop the crazy car. Listening only to his courage, he literally threw himself on the hood of the Ford to then open the driver’s door. Obviously very skillful, our man managed to get into the cabin and finally stopped the car, which almost escaped unscathed. As for the driver, let’s hope she won’t forget this lesson anytime soon!

Check out the video of this incredible scene here:

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