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Motorhome versus caravan: which one to choose?

What is the perfect vehicle for your vacation: caravan or motorhome? We tell you everything!

After months of confinements and deconfinements, you can’t wait to be able to go on an adventure this summer. But between the caravan and the motorhome, your heart swings … We give you all the elements to help you make up your mind!

Budget: the first consideration

As with the purchase of a car, your available budget will of course be the first criterion determining for your purchase. And there, unsurprisingly, caravans are much more advantageous: count between 15,000 and 30,000 € for a caravan new, against at least 40,000 € for a small motorhome. But beware of all the other costs that must be taken into account: drawbar, and of course a car capable of towing a caravan.

Camping or not camping?

The main advantage of the motorhome is its independence. You do not need to spend the night at the campsite. Most of the time, they are equipped with a toilet, a shower, and a kitchen, all powered by a battery. A freedom of movement that some will not accept to sacrifice. It is indeed more difficult to move every day from camping to camping with a caravan. On the other hand, if you detach the car from the caravan, it is easier to leave visit the surroundings than with a large motorhome.

Driving: advantages and disadvantages for everyone

Imagining yourself behind the wheel of a motorhome over 6 meters in length can seem daunting. But on the caravan side, it doesn’t have to be easier: driving with a trailer of this size and weight can be a challenge. Think about maneuvers in reverse, or movements caused by unbalanced caravan… Without forgetting the fact that to drive a caravan, you will have to go through the driving school box and hold a BE license.

As a general rule, if you plan to travel for a long time and on the main roads, a motorhome is more comfortable. If, on the other hand, you are visiting several cities, it may be easier to leave your caravan at the campsite and come by car.

Inside: motorhome and caravans are close by

Generally, the layout of motorhomes and caravans is similar, at comparable sizes. The major difference lies in theno driving position of a caravan. The latter is often replaced by a lounge area, more convivial, or a second bed. The trim levels are often identical, the specialist manufacturers being the same for caravans as for motorhomes.

Assessment: to each his own solution

Of course, there is no question here of deciding on a “winner” between motorhome and caravan. On the other hand, this guide should help you decide, by studying your vacation fashion.

If you are used to camping, like to settle in the same place for a week or two, and visit the surrounding towns, then the caravan is for you.

If on the other hand you prefer swallow miles, cross regions, even if it means never sleeping twice in the same place and avoiding campsites, then motorhomes appear to be the ideal solution for you.

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