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this old Honda Civic advances with the force of the calves!

These Americans are going to the drive-in of a fast food restaurant with an extremely crazy machine. The latter is achieved by mixing a Honda Civic watch and a tandem bike.

There are videos that instantly give you smile and this is definitely one of them!

In the United States, a bunch of friends decide to make the buzz on the Net. To achieve their ends, they recover an old Honda Civic devoid of engine which they decide to propel …to the force of the calves. A tandem bicycle is then welded in place of the hood; the two cyclists directly drive the car in which a driver is seated. The particularity of the machine is to have kept its gearbox which gives it the good gear to evolve on the road.

Attraction locale

When this DIY is done, our friends set off to go to the nearest McDonald’s to buy a meal. The problem is that the Honda is not really fast (3.2 km / h maximum) and its slowness causes some chaos on the road! In addition, with two cyclists perched on its body

, it doesn’t really go unnoticed, it naturally causes general hilarity and sympathy in its path.

In the end, the three friends manage to reach the fast-food restaurant, but the local police stop their strange machine and they are asked not to use it on public roads. Too bad because it is nevertheless the Honda the less polluting Of the history !

Check out the video of this old Honda Civic, the only one that only moves with the force of the calves just below:

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