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Lightning strikes a Jeep Grand Cherokee

In the USA, a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a whole family on board is struck by lightning. Fortunately, no one is injured.

An impressive video was captured by a dashcam. We can see a Jeep Grand Cherokee visibly going on vacation or weekend fall in love four times!

Lightning falls several times in the same place

This scene takes place near the town of Waverly, Kansas, United States. A violent thunderstorm pours downpours on the road as a car film the road with his dashcam. A Jeep Grand Cherokee, luggage on the roof and bikes on the tailgate, can be seen driving in a long straight line. As the Jeep SUV slows down at an intersection, lightning strikes him. Three more flashes follow who will follow each other and hit him again.

After these spectacular images, we notice that the lights of the Grand Cherokee go out, the various electrical instruments that have surely suffered significant damages. In addition, we seem to see a slight settling of the SUV after the impact, a sign that the tires could have exploded.

A safe family

In the description of the video, it is stated that upon impact, a family was inside. The couple as well as their two children under 2 years old and the baby being on board Fortunately all came out unscathed.

If a lightning strike hitting a car is a most striking event, the metallic structure of the cars offers natural lightning protection. Indeed, it then forms a cage of faraday constituting an enclosure protecting against electrical pollution.

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