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it comes out with its original 15-year-old tires

Manny Koshbin’s Bugatti Veyron goes out with its original tires. Dating from 2006, the tires are therefore 15 years old.

Manny Koshbin is known in the automotive world for his fantastic collection of cars. Having made his fortune in real estate, he was able to constitute himself a garage bringing together the most exclusive models on the planet. He thus owns McLaren, Pagani and many Bugattis including a unique Chiron Hermes.

15-year-old Bugatti tires

But the car that interests us today is none other than a 2006 Veyron in the superb two-tone blue and white livery. Owning a large number of cars, Manny doesn’t necessarily have the opportunity to drive them all on a regular basis. This explains why its wheels are always fitted with the original tires. The Michelin Pilot Sport PAX mounted on the Molsheim assembly lines are therefore today 15 years old!

Since a tire is made of rubber, time has an effect on its quality. Over the years, its surface dries up and hardens, reducing its initial qualities. This applies to the tires of the most commonplace Clio as well as the most exclusive hypercar.

A not hasty Veyron

Of course, we suspect that the Veyron was entitled to all the attentions necessary for optimal conservation. The video, mostly shot in the passenger compartment, showede Manny Koshbin answering a few questions while walking around the block. He also describes this Veyron as being more of a car to drive than the Chiron, more ” easy to mean.

Check the condition of your tires

This video is an opportunity to recall the importance of regularly check the condition of the tires. If the good condition of the tread and sidewalls is important, age is also to be taken into account. It is high time to change them if slight cracks appear, even if the wear indicators have not yet been reached! This advice is valid for sports cars as well as for wise sedans.

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