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a CVT box for electric cars

The German supplier Bosch presented a CVT4EV gearbox designed for electric cars, in order to optimize their efficiency under certain conditions of use.

With a few exceptions like the Porsche Taycan for example, electric cars only have one speed. But in certain situations, a more traditional transmission can offer better results: this is the case, for example, when towing a trailer, driving on steep slopes with heavy loads on board, or even driving on heavy slopes. long distances on motorways, where the battery charge drops more quickly.

To demonstrate this, the German supplier Bosch has fitted a Volkswagen e-Golf with a continuously variable automatic transmission, called “CVT4EV”, which consists of a CVT box, an inverter, an electric motor and an axle with a ratio adapted to the vehicle.

Bosch CVT4EV gearbox: better performance guaranteed

According to Bosch, the CVT4EV solution increases the efficiency of an electric car by up to 4%, being able to deliver more torque, better acceleration or even a higher top speed. The variable gear ratio of this CVT offers a better balance between efficiency and performance, and a smooth ride so as not to distort the experience of an electric car, while also allowing to reduce the operating speed of the engine. electric, resulting in even smoother and quieter driving.

At low speeds on hills, a smaller gear ratio improves acceleration and handling, while at higher speeds, a higher gear reduces power consumption, while improving efficiency and increasing speed. peak. The torque is also optimized when towing or driving on rough roads. Thanks to this CVT4EV transmission, manufacturers can also create different driving modes, in order to offer a personalized driving experience to their customers.

The Bosch CVT4EV is adaptable to a wide variety of models, from ordinary electric vehicles to sportier models, including utility vehicles.

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