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a study reveals their main causes

In a car, arguing may be easier than elsewhere. But what can be done to avoid them? A study goes back to their causes.

When going on vacation, they can sometimes seem inevitable: arguments in cars affect many couples. So Caroom decided to conduct a study on the subject with Ifop. The opportunity to better understand man-woman dynamics in the car !

First observation of this study: we do not really argue more during long journeys (departures on vacation) than during small daily trips. During the latter, 53% of people in a relationship say Argue, while they are 54% on long journeys. You might think that the stress of going on vacation rise tensions of torque, but the effect is barely noticeable.

Driving style, at the center of disputes

At the top of the grounds for disputes is the driving style, which creates tension in 47% of people questioned. Then come the navigation (37%), the speed (28%), caps (15%), and the music (15%). Note also that, according to this survey, when the couple is in the car, man is the main driver 81% of the time. There is still progress to be made in terms of equality of conduct, therefore. A curious result, moreover, since on the other hand more than half of the people questioned (59%) consider that there is no no noticeable difference

between driving a man and a woman, and only 8% that women drive worse than men.

Gender equality: still a long way to go

Once this observation was made, Caroom did not stop there, and became interested in couple spending in the automotive industry. And there, the independence of women made a leap forward. While in 1990, 32% of women said they did not ask for anything from their male entourage when buying a car, they are now 56% in 2021. On the other hand, 94% of the men questioned believe that they take it themselves. the decision to spend money in the car, compared to 47% of women. Women who do not feel elsewhere not reassured when going to the garage: 89% of them believe that mechanics consider them to be easy to rip off !

Source: Ifop study for Caroom, carried out by self-administered online questionnaire from 22 to 23 June 2021 with a sample of 1,012 people

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