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electric SUVs and pick-ups in Europe from 2022?

The American start-up Rivian wants to launch in Europe, with sales possibly open from the beginning of 2022.

In Tesla’s footsteps, Rivian is a small American manufacturer who dreams big. The start-up is specialized in the realization of electric backpackers with a futuristic look, with the SUV as the first models R1S and R1T pickup. Both promise autonomy of more than 480 km, a unique design, a high-tech interior and many features for off-piste fans.

In the USA, production is due to start this July 2021, then November 2021 in Canada. After that ? Rivian wants to emancipate himself from North America, and has great ambitions in China and in Europe. In an internal email, the brand confirms to a European representative the start of sales on the Old Continent from the start of 2022 !

Competitive Rivian backpackers in Europe?

As is often the case with these electric start-ups, the announcement should be taken with a grain of salt. To begin its sales outside the United States, Rivian is also seeking to establish a factory in Europe and in China. It will then be necessary to develop a distribution network, even if Tesla has proven that it is sometimes possible to do without at the beginning.

So it could be a long time before orders are opened. Regardless, the two Rivian models could be interesting, even in Europe. The R1T pickup is available from $ 67,500 in the United States (around € 57,000), and $ 70,000 for the R1S SUV (around € 59,000). Enough to make them very competitive with us. Case to follow!

Source : InsideEVs

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