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Motorhome emptying: what does the law say?

On a motorhome vacation, one of the things you should do regularly is sewage drain. To avoid foul odors and other hygienic inconveniences, it is recommended that you empty your motorhome approximately every three days. But, in the middle of a roadtrip, it is not always easy to find a emptying area… What does the law say about your obligations?

The fine is steep!

Article R * 116-2 of the highway code indicates that it is forbidden to “spread or throw on public roads substances liable to harm public health and safety or to inconvenience the public”. This obviously includes the wild emptying of your wastewater. This same article of law indicates that whoever is guilty of these facts is liable to 5th class ticket. And beware, the fine is severe: up to 1 500 €, or even € 3,000 in the event of a repeat offense. You also risk the confiscation of your motorhome


In short, in addition to being morally doubtful, wild drainage is severely punished by law. All the more reason to seek out a legal emptying area. There are more than a thousand of them in France. Some are paying a few euros, others are included in your camping trip. You can also get a map of emptying areas in France. In short, no excuse not to go through a real area!

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