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which brands are most affected?

Which car brands have the highest proportion of damaged cars still in circulation? A study draws up a classification.

Specialist in used car history records, CarVertical has decided to look at its data to study the damaged cars in Europe. About a million detailed reports have been deciphered, in an attempt to get a clearer picture of crashed and damaged cars. And the result is surprising: we find so many premium what low-cost among the most “crashed” brands!

The premium more often damaged?

CarVertical has chosen 10 brands: the five for which the cars are most often damaged, and the five for which they are less often. So let’s start with the “top 5” most frequently damaged marks : Lexus first, then Subaru, Jaguar, BMW and finally Dacia. An interesting diversity! To clarify, CarVertical classified these brands according to the percentage of used cars that were involved in accidents: from 48.1% for Lexus to 40.8% for Dacia. A ranking method that necessarily pushes brands selling few copies to the top of the ranking.

For Dacia, the organization argues that these low-cost cars are often used as “workhorses” and are therefore subject to more accidents. Finally, the last reason that can explain the presence of premiums in this ranking: the longevity of cars, which are rarely scrapped, even in the event of an accident. The number of damaged cars therefore increases mechanically over time.

What about the 5 “cleanest” brands? CarVertical quotes Fiat in the lead (28.3% of damaged cars), Citroën (30,2 %), Peugeot (31,1 %), Opel (31.8%), and finally Nissan (32.1%). The same conclusions apply: these are very generalist brands with big sales figures

. While their number of damaged cars is probably higher in absolute terms, the percentages are low. And damaged cars are often economically irreparable, and therefore destined for scrapping.

Countries in Europe where cars are most often damaged

Finally, CarVertical concludes its study with a ranking of countries which have the highest percentage of damaged cars:

  1. Poland (44%)
  2. Lithuania (43.1%)
  3. Slovakia (41.9%)
  4. Czech Republic (38.3%)
  5. Hungary (38.2%)
  6. Romania (37.7%)
  7. Croatia (35.1%)
  8. Latvia (33.6%)
  9. Ukraine (31,6 %)
  10. Russia (29.1%)

Would drivers in Eastern Europe be less careful with their cars? As with the ranking of brands, the reality is probably more complicated than that. It must be taken into account that damaged cars are often repaired and put back on sale in these countries, and that many damaged cars from Western Europe are then exported to the East. Finally, the age of the vehicle fleet in these countries is quite high. In 2017, a study showed that the Polish car fleet was oldest in Europe, with more than 17 years of average age, against under 9 years old in France. Unsurprisingly, Poland leads the country where cars have been damaged the most.

Source : CarVertical

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