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Audi Grand Sphere (2021): the future electric A8

Audi unveils the first images of the Grand Sphere concept. Expected in September at the Munich show, it announces the electrical replacement of the current A8.

A few days ago, Audi announced the upcoming presentation of three new concept cars : a sports coupe called Sky Sphere, an SUV called Urban Sphere and a sedan by the name of Grand Sphere.

Today, the latter is already being revealed through some pictures and via first information.

It is therefore a large, very upscale roadster. But unlike the A8 that it will replace, it is not notchback but in one piece.

Everything for comfort

Failing to be the sexiest, this silhouette has at least the advantage of maximize interior space. And on the Grand Sphere, it is huge. Audi has indeed designed a concept designed above all for travel and therefore focused on passenger comfort.

Access on board was notably facilitated by doors with opposing opening. And once inside it’s a real rolling lounge with space, therefore, but also first-class seats (sliding seats in the front and sofa-like bench seat in the back), quality materials and a autonomous driving system. When it is engaged, the retractable steering wheel folds into the dashboard to further increase the roominess.

For now, Audi does not reveal the specifics or performance of the engine. One thing is certain: this one will be 100% electric.

The production version in 2025?

The Great Sphere concept will be unveiled next September at the Munich Motor Show (IAA), in Germany (September 7 to 12). Its production version should land in 2025. It will then be the direct competitor of the luxurious Mercedes EQS.

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