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a Lada Niva stuck in the water!

A British journalist who tries out a Lada Niva gets the wrong way while filming and finds himself stuck in the middle of a river with the cabin flooded!

The YouTube channel TheLateBrakeShow has a habit of broadcasting car tests carried out by several British journalists. Among these, we find Jonny Smith, quite famous UK. In this video, the latter gets behind the wheel of the latest “evolution” of the Lada Niva, a pure and hard 4 × 4, oh how rustic, which has been on the market since the 1970s. Smith sets out to show what this Russian vehicle does best: off-road. To do this, the team goes into the countryside on a magnificent track offering many difficulties.

Bad choice

At the start, everything goes well and Jonny Smith shows the real skills of Lada Niva. Things go wrong around 22 ‘when the cameraman realizes that the journalist took the wrong lead. He then runs, but it is too late: the journalist literally falls into a deep water pit and the water enters the cockpit. Smith then films himself with his cell phone in the Niva and tries to escape through the safe. This mishap ended well because the Russian 4 × 4 was finally able to restart after a light maintenance.

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