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Ford could send vehicles without chips to dealerships

Ford could ship semiconductor and related components to dealerships. As a result, the dealers will be responsible for completing the assembly of the vehicles once the chips are available.

As we know, the semiconductor crisis is still not over and could even spread out until 2022. And it impacts many car manufacturers on a daily basis, both in Europe that to United States.

Chip-free vehicles delivered to dealers

The car manufacturer Ford began discussing its intentions with some dealers this week for vehicle delivery, according to the site Automotive News.

According to current plans, which have yet to be validated and finalized, this would allow dealerships to choose to receive unfinished vehicles while the crisis in semiconductors settles down. Meanwhile, their service technicians would be trained to chip installation to finish completing the vehicles in question.

The manufacturer Ford is seeking to get rid of its vehicles, which are rapidly filling company land across the United States, in order to ensure the operation of its assembly plants. By sending these unfinished vehicles directly to dealerships, it would allow vehicles to reach their customers more quickly.

An unprecedented solution in times of crisis


« We are exploring a number of different options in order to enable our customers and dealers to get their new vehicles as quickly as possible.“Said a Ford spokesperson.

But the idea doesn’t appeal to all dealers. Some of them expressed concern about the transfer of responsibility from Ford factories to dealerships. Others, on the other hand, are happy about it, because it will allow them to put new vehicles into circulation.

At the end of April, Ford had 22,000 vehicles partially built awaiting parts. The US automaker has been hit particularly hard by the crisis and expects it to cut production by 1.1 million units this year.

According to industry estimates, the average delivery time for the famous F-150, the best-selling pickup in the United States, is currently four to six months. Normally it only takes a month and a half.

Source : Automotive News

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