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France still far from the score

France is stepping up the installation of charging stations for electric cars. But we are still far from the target of 100,000 terminals by the end of 2021.

43,700. According to the Ministry for Ecological Transition, France currently has 43,700 charging stations for electric cars open to the public. 11,000 additional terminals have been installed since the start of the year (+33%), including 5,000 over the past two months, i.e. a volume equivalent to that installed over a full year until the end of 2020.

Twice the number of fast charging stations

At the same time, the number of fast charging points has been doubled. From now on, half of the motorway service areas (164) is equipped with fast charging stations, which theoretically allow a recharge to 80% in less than 20 minutes. Overall, France has more than 4,000 high and very high power terminals (2,700 charging points have a power greater than 50 kW and 1,100 have a power greater than 150 kW). All areas must be equipped by the end of 2022.

100,000 terminals by the end of 2021? Unachievable

France is therefore accelerating the deployment of a genuine public network of charging stations. But it remains still insufficient at a time when sales of electrified vehicles are increasing very strongly in France. All the more insufficient as we are still very far from the objective set in October 2020 by the government, to know 100,000 terminals by the end of 2021. A goal that today appears untenable despite the acceleration of establishments.

« The year 2021 marks a real acceleration in the deployment of charging stations, but we know thatwe still have to accelerate because it remains one of the main levers for the development of the electric vehicle“, Recognized the Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili in a press release.

Prepare for the end of the thermal

“However, with the + Fit for 55+ package that the European Commission has just put on the table, we know that manufacturers will have to step up further on the end of heat engines. And we must collectively be there ”, she added.

Brussels in fact proposed on Wednesday July 14 to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars in the EU to zero from 2035, and therefore simply put an end to gasoline and diesel vehicles in favor of 100% electric engines.

New measures at the start of the school year

“We must continue and amplify this dynamic, we will announce new measures and a back-to-school acceleration plan, with the automotive industry ”, the conclusion Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, Minister Delegate in charge of Transport.

Source: AFP

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