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he has his Mazda RX-7 stolen in front of his eyes!

In the middle of the night, the owner of a Mazda RX-7 notices that thieves are taking it over. Helpless, he cries from his balcony but nothing helps …

Launched in 1991, the 3e Mazda RX-7 generation stands out for its bodywork with sexy curves and by its twin-turbo Wankel rotary engine developing 250 hp. Adored by a large community of fanatics, the Japanese has made and continues to delight tuning enthusiasts attracted by her side. « manga » and its easy-to-boost mechanics. Despite its advanced age, the RX-7 retains a strong power of seduction and is the subject of a real worship in Japan.

Bad surprise

This video was shot in Aichi Prefecture in Japan. During the night, the owner of a beautiful RX-7 passably tuned and whose engine is prepared at 350 hp has the unpleasant surprise to be awakened by thieves who were in the process of attack his car. On the balcony of his apartment, he films the scene and we can see at least two people, one of whom gets into the car and leaves behind the wheel, and the other joining a Toyota. Screaming at thieves, the poor owner can only note the theft of his car which has still not been found to this day. On social media, he said he should have been more active in opposing delinquents

Check out the video below: His Mazda RX-7 is stolen in front of his eyes!

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