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Toyota Highlander accident on American highway

The driver of a Toyota SUV was very lucky in his misfortune: despite a spectacular swerve, he escaped unscathed and did not injure anyone.

Dashcams, these small cameras placed on the dashboard definitely don’t let anything go. The scene captured by one of them takes place on a highway from Nevada. This state is currently experiencing weather scorching punctuated by very violent showers. It’s a safe bet that these weather conditions made the pavement extremely slippery, which would be the cause of this impressive accident.

An incredible “waterfall”

Installed on a Mercedes driving quietly on the highway, the dashcam allows you to see that a Toyota Highlander SUV arriving in the opposite direction leaves in sliphit the central berm and twirl in the air to finish its race on the other side. Miraculously, this vehicle which lands on its wheels does not hit any car. According to local police, his driver was not injured. We suspect, however, that he must have been strongly shocked

Discover the video of This incredible accident took place on an American highway

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