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Mazda RXs gather dust in Cyprus

A large number of rotary-engined Mazdas are parked in front of a mysterious house in Cyprus. However, all of these RXs are far from in good condition.

The Mazda RX, distinguished by its rotary engine, has many fans around the world. But the owner of this house is definitely in a league of its own. since it has a very large number of different models. There are many examples of the last of the RX, the RX-8, as well as countless RX-7.

The 2000s as a model

If we could see a model in stock version, almost all have received stylistic changes at the level of the hoods, shields, sills, and of course with fins of varying sizes. Game lovers Need For Speed Underground 1 and 2 will appreciate.

Unfortunately, he seems to have had eyes bigger than his stomach since a large number of these beauties are in very poor condition. Especially since they seem not to have driven for a long time. They are all covered with a thick layer of dust and have suffered more or less significant damage.

Rolling copies?

No information is available on the origin of this collection except that it is located in Cyprus. This Mediterranean island located off Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. The cars sold there have the particularity of having the steering wheel on the right. This therefore allows our mysterious owner to easily import models intended for Japan and the United Kingdom, two major markets for Mazda rotary engines.

While it is not known whether these cars are roadworthy (or not), there is no doubt that they form a formidable coin bank. Hoping that one day they allow a few copies to be reborn in perfect condition, both cosmetic and mechanical!

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