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A Honda Civic is hiding under this Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

In India, a Honda Civic was transformed into a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Despite a cleverly modified body, there is no question here of V12.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. A dreamlike plastic model that many would like to be able to park in their garage. Unfortunately, in addition of an edition limited to 900 copies, its stratospheric price prevents more than one from possessing this automotive ideal. But some smart kids, by dint of perseverance, manage to own one. With a few details, however …

A Lamborghini Civic?

This is what the Indian brand did Dream Customs India! If the Italian supercar is inaccessible, no problem, just build it yourself! To achieve this completely crazy project, the chosen base has little to do with a Lamborghini. It is indeed a Japanese sedan: the Honda Civic.

If a trained eye will see easily enough that this is not a real Aventador SVJ, it must still be recognized that the mimicry of the final product is not ridiculous. A feat all the more remarkable in that it is not easy to adopt the right proportions when switching from a front-engine sedan to a rear-mid-engine car.

How many of you will have guessed that it was a Civic under this body just by looking at the photos?

No V12 planned …

Of course, there is no question for this replica to ship the fabulous Atmospheric V12 6.5 from the original SVJ. Not sure anyway that the machine we have in front of us would have been able to digest the 759 hp of the Aventador!

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