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Toyota Camry explodes in the street

In China, an unusual traffic accident took place. While a Toyota Camry was driving peacefully, its trunk suddenly exploded!

In China, a driver narrowly escaped death. Indeed, while he circulated peacefully in the flood of automobiles in the city of Zhangmutou (located about 1h30 from Hong-Kong) an explosion occurred in his trunk.

Two explosions and a giant fireball

The incredible scene was filmed by the camera of an automobile following the unfortunate sedan. Explosion disperses pieces of Toyota Camry’s trunk and entire rear. The driver, who we imagine quite surprised, fortunately managed to get out of his car unscathed. Onlookers, also certainly surprised, then unsheathed their phones to film this surreal scene… which did not stop there! While the Camry is on fire, a column of flame forms at the back. Shortly after, a second explosion sounded! More powerful, this one throws an imposing ball of fire in the air.

Dangerous transport

This extremely rare incident would come from a gas cylinder that was in the trunk of the Toyota. No indication was given on the origin of its pressurization and explosion. The main one being that no onewhether it is the driver or people around, was seriously injured.

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