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are older vehicles worse?

On the second-hand market, there are many models over 20 years old when it comes to motorhomes. There are still plenty of great deals out there, but are these models still as good as before when it comes to amenities and comfort?

This year, many holidaymakers are turning to the solution of camping-car to take a trip to France. You too will take the plunge and orient yourself towards a camping-car. However, if you don’t have the budget for a new vehicle, you can opt for a used purchase.

On the internet, many advertisements are posted, and even for fairly old models, who are sometimes over 20 years old. But are they really less good despite their attractive price?

Are the models less livable and less furnished?

Models dating from the 1980s and 1990s are generally less tall than today’s models. They often stayed within 7 meters and sometimes even below 6.50 meters. The width was also less. Today, vehicles are quite large and their habitability is increased.

There are several received ideas concerning the old models of motorhomes, such as the capacity of the water tank which was less important. But if we take the data of old vehicles, we find tanks generally between 160 and 180 liters. A mid-range model currently sold offers a capacity of 180 liters for example, so there are no notable differences.

The sanitary facilities and boiler systems were also efficient, with Cassette toilet already present 20 years ago.

Less comfortable and less secure motorhomes?

With regard to isolation, for example, all models incorporated a Styrofoam type insulating material, a polystyrene that is still in use today. If we compare with today, these characteristics have changed little. The comfort is therefore comparable.

Regarding security, some elements differ. The rear seats did not have seat belts for example, before the 2000s. At that time, manufacturers were not required to equip the rear seats with seat belts, even if the model in question was approved for 4, 5 or 6 seats.

There are therefore a large number of models from before that date that did not include seat belts in the back seat.

In general, the motorhomes were therefore quite well equipped, even 20 years ago. It is therefore still a good deal today if you do not want to allocate a large budget for a future purchase.

Source: The World of Motorhomes

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