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he loses control and destroys his McLaren 720 S

A McLaren 720 S skids and ends up in the median. With such a shock, it finds itself totally destroyed and will never resume the road.

In Singapore, luxury cars are very heavily taxed and cost much more than in Europe. For example, a McLaren 720 S which is already worth the tidy sum of € 250,000 with us, is worth there nearly $ 1,000,000 (around 850,000 €)!

An impressive takeoff!

Yet it is such a copy that crashed on the edge of a highway. Its driver lost control for some unexplained reason. We see the English supercar driving on the leftmost lane before swerving. She then crosses all the lanes and passes right in front of the car filming the scene using a dashcam. We then see it take off and we imagine that its landing was not smooth. She finishes her race by hitting the central reservation by coming to a standstill in the middle of the flowers.

A McLaren good for the scrapyard

The photos showing the McLaren after the crash are impressive. We can see that the 720 S is really in poor condition. The front is destroyed and the headlights are gone. The back is invisible, totally sunk into the flowers. But as the photos show, he too was totally dislocated. Obviously, it’s a career end for this McLaren 720 S which does not seem repairable. Once out of the platform and placed on a tray, it will go straight to the nearest junkyard.

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