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a Ferrari 812 crashes in the middle of London!

The Ferrari 812 has an 800 hp V12! So it is better to be careful when pressing on the mushroom …

London is perhaps one of the most supercar-packed capitals! Why ? Hard to say, still the city is probably not the favorite terrain for these overpowered cars. Obviously, there is a lot of traffic and, even when there is none, a wall is never far away as the driver of this Ferrari 812 Superfast will learn.

Ultra powerful diva!

The 812 is quite an animal. Located at the top of the Ferrari pyramid, it is equipped with a huge 6.5-liter V12! It develops 800 hp and 718 Nm of torque to send the Italian diva to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds! But be careful, because all this power is sent only to the rear wheels. Which can cause some scares or even worse if it is not controlled …

You have to know how to control it

By “luck” for this driver of the beautiful Italian, the streets of the English capital seem deserted. Enough to make the incredible engine roar under the hood. After passing a fire, he decides to open the throttle and the car then starts to skate before spinning and finishing its race in a wall! If the accident seems to be happening at “low” speed, the shock is still impressive and triggers the airbags! Fortunately, the driver appears to be unharmed.

Discover the video of the accident of this Ferrari 812 below:

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