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a restyling and more horses while waiting for the electric

While waiting for the new 100% electric model, Porsche has restyled its Macan! The visual differences are subtle, but larger under the hood.

Launched in 2014, the Porsche Macan is expected toapproaching retirement. But in 7 years, the automotive landscape has changed a lot, and manufacturers are reluctant to develop new thermal models. Porsche cannot abandon its small SUV, however, because it represents a large part of the brand’s sales: 600,000 copies sold since 2014 ! Suddenly, Stuttgart is betting on a double strategy. On the one hand there will be an all-new all-electric Macan, which should be unveiled later this year, and in parallel the current model slightly revisited.

Smooth evolution

It is therefore a question here of prolonging the life of a bestseller: no question of revolution. A philosophy evident on the outside, both changes are minimal. The shields have been retouched, with side air intakes that meet at the front, and a rocker panel reviewed at the back. New rims appear, as well as new color. In short, we play a bit of the game of seven errors …

It’s a bit the same on the inside, although a new center console rejuvenated this 2021 Porsche Macan. Hitherto covered with buttons (like the 991 generation of the 911), it now accommodates touchscreen shortcuts. We like it or not, but the whole allows the SUV to no longer be so dated in the face of sharp competition. We also discover a new multifunction steering wheel

, taken from the new 911, new upholstery options, and a clock now standard.

More horses for the Macan

On the other hand, under the hood, the differences are more noticeable. Indeed, all engines gain in power, 4 cylinders of 265 hp entry-level (+20 hp) to the GTS twin-turbo 2.9L V6, strong 440 hp (+60 hp), via the 380 hp V6 of the Macan S (+26 hp). The latter is in fact now a deflated version of the GTS engine, instead of the 3.0L V6 of the previous model.

Porsche Macan: what prices?

On the other hand, bad news for fans of high-performance SUVs: no Turbo version for the moment. But previous Macan developed 440 ch, or the power of the current GTS, so all is not lost. Porsche does not specify whether a new Macan Turbo even more efficient is in development.

Finally, the chassis settings have been revised, and Porsche promises a Macan that is more dynamic and responsive than ever.

The 2021 Porsche Macan is already available to order, from 64 633 € for the basic version, then € 73,597 for the Macan S, and 90 350 € for the Macan GTS.

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