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the city car will not be renewed by Audi

After only two generations, the Audi A1 will disappear from the catalog. Future Euro 7 standards will not allow Audi to develop a new model.

Manufacturers have been warning for several months: the arrival of stricter European CO2 standards will seriously shake up the city ​​car segment. Indeed, developing engines that are efficient enough for these new standards is very expensive. A cost that cannot be carried over to the price of a small car. This is why Renault will stop the Twingo, among others.

And a new (future) victim of these stricter emissions has been revealed: the Audi A1. He’s the CEO of Audi, Markus Duesmann, who confirmed it to Automotive News: “we know that offering heat engines in small segments will be difficult in the future, because of the costs which will go up. That is why the A1 will have no successor“. The ax therefore falls, and will be linked to the arrival of future Euro 7 standards, planned for 2025.

An electric city car developed with Volkswagen?

Launched in 2018, the current Audi A1 will then have experienced a 7 year full life cycle

. It should therefore not be interrupted in the middle of a career, but there will be no no third generation. On the other hand, one should not rule out possible electric version e-tron, as Audi is starting to offer in the rest of its range. Duesmann has not yet mentioned anything on this subject, but already knows that Volkswagen is preparing an electric compact smaller than ID.3. A Audi version of this future Volkswagen ID.1 is therefore not to be ruled out.

The other question is to know what Volkswagen will plan for the technical cousin of the Audi A1, the Polo. Recently restyled, the latter is based on the same platform as the A1, and could experience the same fate, replaced by the future ID.1.

Source : Automotive News Europe

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