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a truck is dumping asphalt in traffic!

While completely filled with boiling asphalt, this truck dumps all its cargo in traffic!

In China, when he was more than likely going to a construction site to redo the road, a truck filled with asphalt then causes an accident with dramatic consequences. While crossing a bridge over a highway with heavy traffic, he lies on his side for no apparent reason.

Lots of damage and injuries!

Maybe he was taking his turn too quickly? Still, by falling in such a way, this truck tears off a good part of the guardrail and then lets its cargo spill out onto the road below. 4 passing cars were damaged by the hot asphalt and 2 people were even injured!

Impressive means

Obviously, this accident caused a monumental traffic jam! The means used to restore traffic have also been colossal. Witness the use of a huge crane. Fortunately, the lives of those injured are not in danger despite this impressive incident.

Check out the video of this truck accident below:

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