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Peugeot: these forgotten concept cars

For each manufacturer, the stage and presentation of a concept car foreshadows the future of the brand… or not. A look back at these forgotten Lion concept cars.

Sometimes, we can legitimately ask the question of common sense, even good taste in a manufacturer. Especially in view of these few Peugeot concept cars. Certainly, the latter were designated several decades ago, at a time when tastes and colors were different.

But it is true that one cannot help but have a certain nostalgia for them. And even, for some, a certain pleasure to (re) discover them.

Peugeot Quasar (1984)

The year 1984 should have put us in our ears. With this concept called Quasar, Peugeot offers a car worthy of science fiction films with tense and futuristic lines for the 80s. We note in passing this sort of “bubble” which encompasses the driving position. Two-seater coupe, the Quasar offered an already insane technical sheet for the time with 600 hp and 50 mkg of torque!

A futuristic concept taken to its climax with already, at the time, warning messages on video screens, reading of road maps, HiFi with audio and video tuners and even an equalizer.

Peugeot 4002 Concept (2003)

The story of this concept Peugeot 4002 is interesting. Indeed, the pencil stroke is actually the work of an amateur designer, winner of the Peugeot Design Competition, launched at the 2002 Paris Motor Show. Then 32-year-old Stefan Schulze received the majority of the votes. The German was inspired by the Peugeot 402 of 1936 for the lines of the concept.

The 4002 had the privilege of being presented the following year, in 2003, at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Peugeot Hoggar (2003)

At a time, Peugeot is interested in the world of off-road.

Evidenced by this concept car called Hoggar. An “extreme sports” vehicle, the Hoggar is presented with a self-supporting carbon and honeycomb shell, two seats, and two drivetrains installed transversely. Each powertrain includes a supercharged 4-cylinder HDi Diesel engine with 180 hp. The whole therefore embeds a total power of 360 hp and 800 Nm of torque.. Perfect for having fun in the sand dunes.

Peugeot Moovie (2005)

On the occasion of the 3rd edition of the Peugeot Design Competition, aspiring graphic designers have been able to give free rein to their imagination as to the Peugeot they would like to drive. From this observation, the young André Costa, 23, an industrial design student in Lisbon, has caught the eye of Internet users and the Sochaux brand.

Thus was born the Moovie concept, a concept designed with the aim of easily moving around in an urban space while preserving the environment. once again, the look is ahead of its time and seems falsely futuristic to us today.

Peugeot BB1 (2009)

Almost 20 years ago the electric was already in the minds of the automotive sector. Like the BB1 ​​concept car, a 100% electric vehicle. The latter was presented for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009 and then in a second version the following year at the Geneva Motor Show.

The principle is an ultra compact vehicle only 2.5m long (smaller than a smart ForTwo) capable of accommodating 4 people on board.

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