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Weird “three-wheeled” Fiat 500 is all the rage in Germany

This Fiat 500 signed Ellenator has undergone a clever transformation to be able to be driven from the age of 16 in Germany!

You have surely heard of the new Fiat 500 3 + 1, the new small electric city car with an additional opposing door to facilitate access to the rear seats.

This unusual model is for its part a “Fiat 500 3 + 1 wheels”, which was surprised on a German motorway by a member of the site Reddit. If at first glance it looks like a strange tuning project, it is actually a model transformed by the German company Ellenator.

Fiat 500 Ellenator: accessible from 16 years old

For an amount of 5.680 euros (TTC and homologation included), Ellenator offers to transform your Fiat 500, Volkswagen Polo, Seat Ibiza or Skoda Fabia into a motorized tricycle entering the category L5e, and can therefore be driven legally from the age of 16, even if it actually has four wheels.

Indeed, the rear axle has been replaced by a specific part bringing together two 14 inch wheels

located in the center of the car, while the original rear wheel space has been filled with a body part. The engine has received a reprogramming bringing its power to 20 horses, and thus allowing homologation in the L5e category, with a maximum speed restricted to 90 km / h.

Even if this transformation has an impact on the stability of the whole, it has a real interest which is to allow young drivers to get behind the wheel of a model with all the comforts of a real car. Of course, once the age of 18 has been reached and the real driver’s license obtained, Ellenator then takes care of putting the car back in its place. original specification.

Source : AccordingSquirrel0 / Reddit

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