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They try to steal a Corvette, it ends in a crash

A new Corvette Stingray is stolen in broad daylight at a dealership. The thieves are not the smartest and end up destroying the sports car.

A risky strategy

Stealing a car is already not very handy in normal times, but in broad daylight and in a concession, you really have to want to get caught. Indeed, the personnel must always keep an eye on their park and many security cameras make it possible to identify the criminals.

However, the protagonists of this story still attempted this doomed blow. So they went to a Chevrolet dealership in Detroit in order to leave more cheaply with one of the last Corvette Stingray C8s.

Easy to locate

Obviously, the police were notified only a few minutes after the theft. The task of the police has been made easier since thieves didn’t bother to deactivate OnStar. This system allows locate the Corvette in real time

. It was therefore impossible to escape behind the wheel of the Corvette, however fast it was.

Yet while the police find them only 30 minutes after the theft and begins to chase them, the thieves refused to pull over and a chase began.

A destroyed supercar

The Corvette then enters the service road of the Intersate 75. But driving a corvette properly requires certain piloting skills that the driver clearly did not have. He crashes into a van before entering several other vehicles. So luckily no one was hurt, the 2021 Stingray finds itself totally destroyed.

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