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Two trucks collide on the highway and catch fire

A lane narrowing on the highway saw two heavy goods vehicles collide in Russia which caused an impressive explosion.

In Russia, a terrible accident took place on the highway between two Maz and Kamaz trucks. The video was filmed by the dashcam of a private car following the Kamaz.

The heavyweights collided with full force at high speed, which caused a violent fire immediately after the impact which spread to both trucks indiscriminately.

Can signage be clear?

We can see from the images that the double lane with separate carriageways becomes a two-way lane while the one on the right serves as an exit. Opposite, we do not know how the road is transformed. But it is certain that motorists have only one lane of traffic at the accident site.

For some unknown reason, the driver of the Maz deported to his left, coming to stand in front of the Kamaz. Seeing this, the person behind the wheel of the Maz threw himself on the brakes and shifted to his right. Sadly, the space available was not sufficient and the shock inevitable! We do not know if the Maz lag is due to misreading the signs, falling asleep or anything else …

A shock of rare violence

The shock is violent and causes an impressive explosion! The emergency services intervened quickly and the two drivers were brought to the hospital. Luckily, the most serious injury seems to be that the broken leg the driver of the offending Maz.

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