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A car takes off in a Hollywood scene

A car takes off from an embankment and falls in an impressive crash. An accident that could appear in the latest Fast & Furious!

As motorists drove peacefully down the road, a surreal scene occurred in front of them. They saw come into their field of vision a car fly then crash into the road just a few yards ahead of their path.

Shocking images

The dashcam captured the crash that could fit into a big budget Hollywood movie. After a turn to the right approached at a modest pace, and while the road seems clear of any obstacle, we see a car appear on the right taking off from the embankment! After a long glide where the sedan finds itself at more than 25 m in height, it crashes on the road below, just in front of the camera.

If you don’t know the circumstances of the take-off, the landing is not going as well as possible

. The car lands on the front and turns to end up on the roof.

The shock of the witnesses

Naturally, the driver and the passenger in the filming car were shocked and immediately called for help. Shortly after, witnesses of this surreal scene approached the carcass in order to provide assistance to the occupants.

Luckily, No casualties were reported. Considering the violence of the accident it is almost miraculous. However, we do not know the nature of the injuries sustained. Hoping that these are not too serious. We can just wish them well! Fortunately, it is not every day that we feel the same things as a stuntman!

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