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Tesla Model S Plaid vs Shelby GT500, who wins?

This 400 m is not like the others. Indeed, the Ford has a little trump card up its sleeve which should equalize this race from the start against a Tesla Model S Plaid.

The very latest iteration of the Tesla Model S is a real monster! There is no other word to say it. The S Plaid, of its small name, has 1020 hp! Enough to reach 100 km / h in just 2.1 seconds … As impressive as it is, a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 hardly stands a chance against this electric vehicle, unless it has been pushed to 1000 hp too!

Launched start

The advantage of the Tesla when starting is twofold: it has 4-wheel drive and almost all of its torque is available immediately. In other words, she takes off from the starting line in less time than it takes to tell! Suddenly, the organizers decided to do this 400 m race with a rolling start in order to reap the benefits of the electric car. And the result is tight to say the least!

1000 hp remain 1000 hp

Deprived of its incredible traction, the Tesla has a harder time picking up speed. On the other side of the track, the Shelby makes the powder talk with its big V8 whose power continues to surge as the race goes on thanks to its gearbox. During this course, the Ford does better than defend itself against the Tesla! Obviously, 1000 hp remains 1000 hp, whether electric or thermal.

Discover the video of this 400 m between a Tesla and a Mustang below:

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