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Anti-noise radars: verbalization from 2022

In France, several radars of a new kind will see the light of day: anti-noise radars! There will be a first test phase of one year then reports will then be distributed.

Road users will still see a new form of sanction to arrive.

After the radars of speed, radars mobiles, radars red lights or the radars discriminants, here are the radars anti noise ! Called “jellyfish radars”, they work with a 360 ° camera and several microphones, more precisely 5 in number. Like a sound level meter, anti-noise radars measure the rate of decibels emitted by engines and vehicles. exhausts. As soon as the threshold is much too high, it’s the ticket.

PV will rain next year

The first affected by these anti-noise radars are the users of two-wheelers, but also the drivers of scooters and quads. Indeed, the vast majority of them would be more and more in the viewfinder of the police. Blame it on modified exhausts causing noise pollution both in town and in the countryside. But motorists are not exempt from penalties, especially owners of supercars or sports cars that sound pleasant, but sometimes too noisy.


To counter these inconveniences, danti-noise brigades created specifically to control motorcycles and scooters were launched in an attempt to stem the phenomenon. These mobile brigades are dedicated too noisy vehicle controls and have multiplied in recent years in several French cities.

A testing phase before sanctions

Some of the anti-noise radars are already in place. However, the latter are not yet in operation. First of all, there will be a test phase before actually verbalize too noisy motorists or bikers. So between November 2021 and April 2022, the people concerned will receive warnings but no ticket will be issued.

These anti-noise radars will thus be installed in nearly eight cities in France Firstly. We especially remember the prototype installed in Saint-Forget, in Yvelines (78). The minutes will be drawn up later in 2022.

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