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Video: failed drift in Chevrolet Silverado!

Whether in the United States or here, pick-ups are the basis of propulsions capable of shifting to 4-wheel drive. This has many advantages, in particular that of consuming less when driving empty or not towing anything. This feature also allows you to try a few drifts, as long as there is enough space … Or that the driver has a steering wheel worthy of the name!

Big drifting baby!

Indeed, not easy to put across a mastodon of more than 6 m long like this Chevrolet Silverado! Admittedly, it can be equipped with a sufficiently muscular engine to initiate the drift without too many problems, it is still necessary not to type anything! Once across, a small sidewalk becomes a deadly weapon for the rims or the rear axle, and this driver will quickly figure it out.

A drift, a wheel …

It only took him one slide, one small drift and hop, direction the curb. Hats off to the artist! If the suspension seems fortunately to have held up, the rim and the gimbal on the other hand, much less. Now that it only has three wheels, this Chevrolet Silverado “is going to drive much worse, obviously”.

Check out the video of this failed Chevrolet Silverado drift below:

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