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3 versions in the program?

We look forward to this ID.Buzz. So much so that Volkswagen was also working on 3 versions of its electric van, a faithful descendant of the VW Combi.

If the marketing of l’ID.Buzz is planned in Europe – and therefore for the French market – from next year, the German manufacturer could surprise us with 3 very distinct versions of its electric vehicle. In any case, this is what our English-speaking colleagues from Autonews let us understand.

Two versions of carpooling

On the three versions in the pipes, the ID.Buzz could be equipped with two variants for carpooling. In fact, these are the same. There are simply subtleties depending on the market for which they are intended. Namely Europe and America.

For Europe, the ID.Buzz will embed 6 seats. The rear seats will be individual (and accessible separately) with an assigned screen for each passenger. Perfect for not having to share the same multimedia content as your neighbor during a trip.

A l’inverse, the “American” version places more emphasis on solo or small group travel. This variation is distinguished by only 4 seats where the seats will be arranged in 2 × 2 back to back. In other words, two places facing the road and the other two back to it. The US version of ID.Buzz is scheduled for 2024.

A utility version

The 3rd and latest version of the ID.Buzz would be a utility. The latter is not really a surprise when we remember l’ID.Buzz Cargo. A version that already foreshadowed a 100% electric utility van, signed Volkswagen, taking the lines of the successor to the legendary Combi.

This ID.Buzz utility would adopt autonomous driving level 4. The goal is simple: ensure driverless deliveries in the future. A system presented recently in mid-July, an integral part of the brand’s strategy for 2025-2030.

Christian Senger, in charge of developing the group’s autonomous driving, confided on this subject: ” For the distribution networks of tomorrow, our answer lies in these autonomous utilities. Delivery workers will be able to free themselves from driving and focus only on their packages, freight and deliveries. »

How things will develop in practice remains to be seen. Especially in terms of autonomy to perform these tasks on a daily basis. But it is worth remembering when for these future high-end versions, the ID.Buzz should be equipped with a 111 kWh battery.

Source: Autonews

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