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how to park for sure?

Synonymous with freedom, driving a motorhome does not allow you to camp just anywhere: let’s take a look at the parking possibilities!

According to the highway code, a motorhome weighing less than 3.5 tonnes and which is driven with a B license belongs to category M1, just like a car. By law, therefore, a motorhome can be parked wherever you can with a private car. However, some restrictions should be taken into account during your stay.

Motorhome: what is the difference between parking and camping?

First of all, your parked vehicle must not be a nuisance for other users, and a distinction must be made between “parking” and “camping”. Indeed, a motorhome is considered parked when its wheels are not placed on chocks, no installation is deployed (awning, step, pop-up roof, etc.), and no activity is installed (drying rack, chairs and tables, barbecue, etc.) .

Otherwise, your vehicle is considered in camp, which is prohibited on an ordinary parking space. And moreover, it was without counting on the cities, more and more numerous, which adopt municipal decrees purely and simply prohibiting the parking of camper vans on their territory.

Motorhome: where to find pitches and staging areas?

But the easiest way to be able to stay in peace with your motorhome is to stop off in specialized reception areas for motorhomes, paid or free, which are equipped with water, electricity and services for emptying the tanks of your vehicle. The campings are also a good solution to stay, while being able to benefit from additional services: showers, swimming pool, entertainment, shops …

To find a parking space or a reception area, there are specialized websites and applications: try Park4Night, for example, which allows you to search for parking spaces and reception areas, or even Campervan Park, which gives you even allows you to reserve a place.

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