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this Audi RS5 is a drift machine!

Whether it is the first or second generation Audi RS5, all are equipped with the famous Quattro 4-wheel drive system. All, except this one obviously …

Made famous for its use in rallying, the Quattro system allows the engine to send its power to all four wheels. Specially calibrated by Audi, this functionality is extremely efficient! Since its development, virtually all cars in the manufacturer’s sports division have used it. Which makes them pretty bad candidates to easily initiate slips.

RS5 propulsion !

But this first generation RS5 obviously did not receive the same treatment as its congeners. Which makes her a real drifter machine! Okay, okay, she probably didn’t leave the Ingolstadt plant like that. This has been greatly modified by its current owner: Olle Olsson.

Extreme modification

In reality, there are practically only some body panels that are still original. The chassis has been solidly stiffened and the V8 has given way to a turbo VR6 that sends all its power to the rear wheels, necessarily. No idea how many horsepower it develops, but it must be very significant when you see the clouds of tire smoke it is capable of producing.

Discover the video of this Audi RS5 designed for crosses below:

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