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this is how the F1 pits are prepared!

Thoroughness is essential when it comes to preparing the location that a Formula 1 will take during its pit stop.

1.82 seconds! This is the fastest pit stop ever in Formula 1. The Red Bull team of driver Max Verstappen set this record at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2019. The Dutchman barely stopped to change positions. 4 tires from his car. To accomplish such a feat, you need training, but above all a lot of preparation. Because nothing is left to chance when setting up the stands before a race.

A real little army!

In the main discipline of single-seater racing, the pit stops are impressive in their speed. It must be said that there is a real small army ready to pamper the car, where everything has a very specific place. Evidenced by this video visible on the channel McLaren’s TikTok. Everything is measured to the nearest millimeter!

Meticulously prepared

The car must park perfectly between the yellow lines. On the latter, there are also measures to help the pilot target the ideal location. He is also assisted by a precisely installed arrow. After what, all that remains is to train for the next Grand Prix, which will be held this Sunday in Hungary.

Check out the video of the preparation of an F1 stand here:

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