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a kart challenges a Ferrari 488 Pista

A Ferrari 488 Pista faces a superkart with an impressive technical sheet through several races organized by YouTubers.


The Driven Media youtubers have put in opposition two devices that a priori do not have much in common. On the track, we therefore find the famous Ferrari 488 Pista of 710 hp facing… an 80 hp kart! If the duel seems to be winning in advance for the Italian supercar, it is still necessary to look at this Kart which is not intended for just anyone.

Reduced single-seater

It is indeed a superkart. Behind this somewhat pompous name is a small war machine. This is thanks to the superkarts that pilots wishing to access the open wheel racing categories can train. They run on the same circuits as the Formula 3, Formula 2 and Formula 1 . This real bomb thus benefits from an engine 250 cc twin cylinder producing around 80 hp. The weight is limited to 218 kg, including the pilot!

The excellent weight / power ratio allows for consistent acceleration. The 0 to 100 km / h is notably carried out in about 2 seconds! The top speed is also impressive since the 250 km/h can be achieved.

A still impressive Ferrari

The Ferrari therefore has to be worried! The 488 Pista, however, has serious arguments. In the rear central position, we find in particular its V8 3.9 biturbo of 710 ch. At the cutting edge of technology, it is entitled to multiple electronic aids in order to exploit its cavalry at best. This ultimate version of the 488 GTB is built for the track.

So which of these two racehorses will do better on the track where the rain ends up beckoning? To find out, we let you watch the video. The kart and the Ferrari clash with standing start, rolling start, brake test and momentum test.

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