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Tesla Model 3 crashes into dentist’s office

A Tesla Model 3 found itself embedded in a dentist’s office after a false manipulation by its driver.

When we talk about an accident in a Tesla, we often talk about faulty or misused semi-autonomous driving. Indeed, many imagine that they can let the car drive completely on its own. It is, however, a very advanced driving aid and in no way completely autonomous.

But in the case that interests us here, the technology is not in question. It seems that only the person behind the wheel is responsible for the carnage caused.

Tesla at the dentist

Events are reported by CBS Boston and took place in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Tesla Model 3 is like this entered a dentist’s office. If we could think that the electric car had only crashed into the building, the photos show us that it went much further.

She totally crossed the wall to meet almost entirely in the dental treatment room

. The two occupants of the car found themselves trapped inside the passenger compartment. They stayed blocked by debris covering the Model 3. Fortunately, they were not injured. But another person located in her building was taken to the hospital for further examinations.

Human error

At the sight of the shock, the damage on the car does not seem so important. However, authorities said the accident had made the building unsafe.

Police said the crash was caused by « operator error, combined with the lack of knowledge of the operating system of the vehicle “. However, the investigation to determine the exact causes of the accident is still ongoing.

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