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A ridiculous collision between two cars in reverse

Located on both sides of the road, two cars collided in reverse as they were exiting their respective parking spots.

Sometimes chance makes things right, and sometimes not. This is what the owners of these two cars must have said to each other.

A surveillance camera, in the Itapolis district of Sao Polo, Brazil, captured the scene that you wouldn’t believe possible without seeing the video.

An unfortunate coincidence

The short sequence was filmed from an auto repair shop. You can see a white Chevrolet Onix (a model specific to the Brazilian market comparable to a Renault Clio), carry out a reverse in order to get out of his parking space. At the same time, Across the street a Honda Civic comes out of his garage, also in reverse.

Obviously, neither driver could see the other car coming. And since each wished to go in the opposite direction to the other, the two cars inevitably ended up colliding in the middle of the road.

Repairs to plan

As the action took place in the middle of the maneuver, and therefore at low speed, no one was injured. In contrast, the damage is still quite significant

. As the two vehicles pull away from each other, the rear of the Honda Civic is clearly visible.

We then distinguish crushed rear bumper, just like his trunk. Even if it is not clearly discernible, there is a good chance that one or even both fires are also affected.

On the side of the Chevrolet Onyx, we cannot clearly see its rear part. However, at the time of the collision, it is clear that the shield is unhooking from the wings where it is normally attached. As on the Civic, the hatchback also had to be affected, as well as the optics.

Fortunately for the two protagonists, an auto center is nearby. At least they won’t have to go far to make the repairs!

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