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parking and FPS prices explode from August 1

The Paris town hall is hitting hard this summer: some parking prices have almost doubled! And with them, other reforms that will not make your life easier …

Be careful, if you plan to go to Paris by car, do not count on a summer truce to save your wallet. The bride of Paris has just launched her parking reform. On the program, removal of spaces, paid parking for two wheels, and above all explosion of prices and FPS (post-parking packages). We take stock.

Parking prices in Paris: watch out!

As of August 1, 2021, Paris has set up a large increase in its parking rates. In Zone 1 (from the 1st to the 11th arrondissement), the hour of parking will now cost you € 6, compared to € 4 until then. An increase of 50% therefore. And in Zone 2 (from the 12th to the 20th arrondissement), the parking time passes from € 2.40 to € 4. A price that goes almost from single to double therefore! These price increases do not prevent Paris from proudly announcing that, from now on, “it is therefore less expensive to park in the basement”. It was one of the goals of Anne Hidalgo’s teams.

And if, annoyed by this drastic increase, you decide to forget to pay for your parking, bad plan: the “plums” also exploded. In Zone 1, the FPS passes from € 50 to € 75, and of 35 € to 50 €.

Finally, because good news never comes alone, Paris has decided to extend paid parking to Bois de Boulogne and Vincennes, which will follow Zone 2 pricing from October 1. And since they will not be equipped with parking meters to preserve the landscape, it will be necessary imperatively to pay via the apps (PayByPhone, Parknow or Flowbird), or by phone.

Paris: paying 2-wheel parking and one resident package per person

This reform will not be effective before January 1, 2022, but be aware that parking for 2 wheels (including registered scooters) will soon be chargeable. What if you intended to assert your Parisian resident status to benefit from reduced rates for your car AND your 2 wheels, no need to insist. The town hall limits the number of residential passes to one per person.

On the other hand, as for cars, the “clean” 2 wheels (therefore electric) will be able to benefit from the free parking on the surface, on request for a “VBE” pass (low emission vehicle). Owners of electric scooters or scooters, it’s time to get started before you get caught off guard.

Finally, parking for events (concerts, weddings, etc.) will now be chargeable, including during normal free hours (night, Sunday and public holidays).

Source: Paris City Hall

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