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28% of French people throw their waste out the window

According to the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation, 28% of French people throw their waste out of their car window on their vacation route.

According to a recent survey carried out by Ipsos for the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation, on the vacation route, more than one in four French people throw away their waste through the window of his car.

Faced with this phenomenon that it calls “jettomania” in its latest public awareness campaign, the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation is closely interested in the habits of motorists, and their incivility on the road to vacation:

“Throwing waste on the highway or in the street may seem trivial but this gesture, repeated by thousands of people, generates serious nuisances and risks: fires, pollution, road accidents and endangering the motorway personnel involved. to pick it up. Unfortunately, the French tend to minimize the impact of their actions and say they are skeptical about the effectiveness of the appeal to civility. “, specifies Bernadette Moreau, General Delegate of the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation.

Litter on the roads: uncivil behavior too widespread

Yes the selective sorting is now part of their daily habits (91% sort their waste regularly), the French are less exemplary during their holidays: in fact, 84% practice it at their vacation spot, and 72% on motorway rest areas.

However, the French are showing goodwill to reduce their waste : 94% use a reusable bag for their groceries, 65% drink tap water instead of bottles, and 20% prefer to rent or borrow, rather than buy, items of occasional use.

In contrast, more than one in four French people (28%) declares throwing trash out of his car window on the highway. An uncivil behavior even more widespread in everyday life: 40% admit to having already thrown waste on the public highway. According to the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation, each day, on average, 25 tons of waste which are collected along the highways: cigarette butts, handkerchiefs, packaging, cans, bottles, masks, etc.

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